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Alanya Tandem Jump

Tandem Jump

When to do a tandem jump? The weather where skydiving will take place is the most crucial factor in determining the quality of the experience. Although tandem jumping is possible throughout the year, summer is the best time to accomplish it. Skydiving is typically not recommended during the winter. Tandem Jump Prices Tandem jumping can…
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Parachuting Alanya


What is parachuting? In the action sport of parachuting, a participant typically departs an airplane and gently falls to the earth after deploying a parachute at a predetermined height. Free fall is the period of time between leaving the plane and deploying the parachute. It can be essential to open the parachute without experiencing free fall,…
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Parachute Jump

What is Parachute Jump? Parachuting is an action sport in which a person usually exits from an aircraft and descends slowly to the ground by opening a parachute at a certain height. The time between exiting the aircraft and opening the parachute is called free fall. Depending on the height jumped, it may be necessary…
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Alanya Skydiving Parachute
What Is Parachute Skydiving? Parachute skydiving is an aviation sport that involves jumping from an aircraft such as airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, etc. using special equipment such as altimeter helmets and jumpsuits, and landing safely on the ground by opening the skydiving parachute after free fall up to a certain distance. What matters in…

Skydiving Parachute