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What is Parachute Jump?

Parachuting is an action sport in which a person usually exits from an aircraft and descends slowly to the ground by opening a parachute at a certain height. The time between exiting the aircraft and opening the parachute is called free fall. Depending on the height jumped, it may be necessary to open the parachute without free fall.

What are the Parachute Jump Equipment?

Wing (Parachute): It is a parachute in various sizes and performance structures, made of nylon material (some with polyester additives) that is resistant to opening shock, can be controlled with brake ropes, the upper and lower two fabric surfaces are sewn together by means of vertical fabric walls, and formed in an aerofoil structure with air spaces.

Harness: It is the harness and bag assembly that connects the parachutist to the wing with suspension ropes and carrier columns and includes the main parachute, reserve parachute, guide parachute and deployment systems.

Reserve Parachute: It is the second parachute in the same structure and shape as the main parachute, designed to save the life of the parachutist when the main parachute does not open or the opened parachute loses its carrying capability. This parachute is folded with care by professional folders who know the reserve folding process well and it is definitely opened. There is almost no rate of non-opening.

Cyprus (the automatic deployment mechanism): In the event that the parachutist’s attempt to deploy the reserve parachute is unsuccessful, he/she passes out in mid-air or is delayed in deploying the reserve parachute, an automatic system ensures the deployment of the reserve parachute depending on the speed and pressure change.

Jump Goggles: Goggles that protect the parachutist’s eyes from severe airflow and dust during a high-speed fall.

Jump Helmet: Various types; leather helmet, half helmet or full face helmet. Thanks to the glazed structure of the full face helmet, there is no need to wear jump goggles.