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What Is Parachute Skydiving?

Parachute skydiving is an aviation sport that involves jumping from an aircraft such as airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, etc. using special equipment such as altimeter helmets and jumpsuits, and landing safely on the ground by opening the skydiving parachute after free fall up to a certain distance.

What matters in this sport is control and wind power. These two needs can be blended to create a free flight when you least expect it. To jump with a parachute, you must first reach an area at a certain height. While doing this activity, you can benefit from various facilities that offer services in this field.

You will be given the necessary instructions in the area where you go up to jump with a parachute. At the same time, if you are an amateur in this field, a flight pilot will accompany you while flying in the air. You can have a smooth flight by following the flight pilot’s instructions to the letter. Likewise, you are also expected to use the necessary equipment properly and safely before flying.

There are also some rules for parachute skydiving that amateur parachutists must follow. Following these rules is of great importance for the safety of both you and your flight pilot.


Rules for Parachute Skydiving

When parachuting, you need to follow some rules for your own safety and the safety of the pilot accompanying you. Thanks to these rules, you will be able to feel the joy and excitement of a safe flight. Moreover, if you follow the rules to the letter, you can enjoy your flight more.

  There is a certain age limit for skydiving. In this case, it is forbidden for people under the age of 16 to parachute. When flying with the flight pilot, the pilot’s instructions must be followed precisely. Failure to follow the instructions given by the pilot may jeopardize the flight. And equipment such as helmets and life jackets must be worn when parachuting.