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One of the extreme activities that thrill seekers most wish to experience is paragliding, which has been quite sought for many years. One of the most popular activities for those seeking new experiences is paragliding because it doesn’t require much training and may be performed with an accompanying professional.

What Is Paragliding?

Air sports pioneers tested the use of parachute jumps over cliffs in 1980. Lightweight parachutes were developed as a result to stay in the air for longer. The sport of paragliding gained popularity in the years that followed. You can spend hours in the air when paragliding, which is similar to free parachuting. This parachute is made up of four main components: the wing, ropes, columns, and harness. The air-filled parachute is kept aloft by the wing. The passengers in the parachute are transported by ropes. The harness refers to the area where the pilot sits. It is made out of columns, shoulder straps, and a seat. Depending on the body type or flight circumstances, the wings and harness may be altered.

How to paraglide?

A paraglider, a small aircraft, needs both wind and muscle force to fly. For this experience, where you will truly feel the air in your bones, there are several possibilities for both short and long trips. Paragliding is practiced by amateurs with an expert. It is referred to as “tandem paragliding.” Anyone, regardless of skill level, can paraglide with a pilot. Throughout the journey, the pilot and passenger are joined by a steel scale. The flight is piloted by the pilot. Paragliding may be done in Turkey at heights of 4-5 thousand meters and across lengths of 100-200 kilometers.

How safe is paragliding? 

Paragliding, one of the fastest-growing air sports in the world, relies heavily on the wind. If the guidelines are followed, it is regarded as one of the safest sports in the world.

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